Netflix Series Review: Ares

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To have the ambition to succeed in life at all costs, how far would you be willing to go?


Rosa was a medical student studying to become a doctor. She had a hardworking father, who taught her to work hard in life. They were not wealthy and to top it off, her mother had a mental illness that she was embarrassed of for a long time.

Rosa knew that she was smart and believed that she deserved more in life. When her best friend, Jacob, began to be involved with a secret society, she wanted to know more. The more she asked, the more he pushed he away…..

How far she had to go to get involved, she did not anticipate it at all….


1) Power: The entire society of Ares was about retaining and controlling the power and wealth of the world. A small group of super wealthy individuals ruling the world was a fact of life. This power was to be kept within the Ares society.

2) Family: You has to be born into one of the wealthy family to be even considered as a candidate as a novice for Ares. “To keep things in the family…..” So, Rosa was considered an outcast in the eyes of the other novices, as she came from a poor family….

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Yay Or Nay

I have to admit, I found Rosa a bit irritating at first…. But I discovered that this was the exact reason why she was special. So many questions that arose kept me watching this mini-horror series in two days!

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