Universal Studios Japan (Part 2)

After spending a significant amount of time at the Harry Potter part of Universal Studios, it was time to explore the rest of it. There were so many parts of the park and so little time! I had arrived right at opening time for the day to make sure I could see as much as I could in one day.

Jurassic Park

The ride itself was an excellent roller coaster! Luckily, the park wasn’t too busy, but I still had to wait around 1/2 an hour.


Amity Village was where Jaws, the great white shark boat ride resided. Even though I couldn’t understand Japanese, the actor/tour guide on the boat was so animated that he made the ride very entertaining.

Minion Park (Despicable Me)

So many cute Minions!!! I went on two rides… One ride reminded me of the Spinning Teacup rides and the other one took almost one hour to get on. The second one was about turning us, humans, into Minions! The ride was like a 3D roller coaster, with lots of movement in the ride.

Random Fun On The Street

It was cool to find many of famous places from the States like New York City and San Francisco. Check out all the fun treats I found!

Back Draft

“Back Draft” was an old classic movie about firefighters from 1991. This building was built to show us the different special effects that was used in this movie. Real fire was blazing through a protected and fenced off part, but we could all still feel the heat and panic as we stood there in awe.

This show was a tribute to all the past and present firefighters.

It was getting late, so I opted to leave before the crowds began to pour out after the parade.

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