Reblog Feature: Bags That Saved My Leafy Greens

Growing up in a household that loved eating leafy green vegetables, I observed they were left in the open for customers to pick what they wanted. Nowadays, plastic bags kept many of these leafy greens separated by bundles and prevented customers from picking freely. Sadly, these plastic bags also sped up the yellowing of the leafs. One way that my mother taught me to slow down this process, was to wrap paper towels around the vegetables. Afterwards, she would place them back into the plastic bag. I thought that was a bit of a waste, both the plastic bag and the paper towel.

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6 thoughts on “Reblog Feature: Bags That Saved My Leafy Greens

  1. Interesting that you posted this while I was making cream of celery soup! I love using the leaves of the celery in broths and stocks. But it definitely is a problem keeping them fresh. I had started using paper towels but not returning them to the plastic bags because sometimes the bags held in too much moisture. I’ll have to check out the gogo bags. Thanks for tuning me in to a new solution.

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