The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter At Universal Studios Japan

I was looking for to Universal Studios because I really wanted to enter Harry Potter’s world! This one in Japan might be smaller than the North American one and Japanese was used instead of English, I was still super thrilled!

Stepping through those gates, I felt like I had stepped into Hogsmeade! It all looked so realistic…. The ride inside the Hogwarts castle was extremely exciting and even a bit scary at times. Imagine having Dementors chasing you!!

Recognize this car?


One of my favourite shops was Honeydukes. It was filled with so many different types of candy and sweets. Imagine all those candies in the Harry Potter series in real life! Sorry, they didn’t really use real frogs, of course…


Everyone lined up for a cup of “butterbeer”! Unlike the ones in the books, these weren’t alcoholic drinks, so children could try it too. It tasted like cream soda with a butterscotch foam on top. It was delicious!

More Wizarding Features

It was an eye-opening experience to see the details of every corner. From Hagrid’s home to Ollivander’s wand shop (oh yes, we got to meet an English and Japanese speaking Ollivander!), I could see parts of the book come alive.

One last detail was hearing Moaning Myrtille moan and cry in the girl’s bathroom–in Japanese. Therefore, I had no idea what she was saying…..

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14 thoughts on “The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter At Universal Studios Japan

  1. That cracks me up that they have the car! 😂 Thanks for sharing these amazing photos! It does look super realistic, not like so many theme parks where everything is artificially shiny and bright in an attempt to distract people from lines and litter. I really wish I could go and try some butterbeer!

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  2. Magical – you even got the scarf right!

    Just think of the wonderful memories your kids will draw upon. Forever, actually. Someday, they’ll strive to do the same for their children, but somehow, it won’t quite be the same. Sigh…you had to have been there.


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