Eating On Japan Airline (Part Two)

As I boarded onto my return trip back home, I was curious about what meals were the stewardesses going to serve! I was very impressed with the meals going to Japan, so I was looking forward to my meals on my return flight.

It was a wonderful idea to actually have local chefs design the main course meals. There were also some introductions with the chef’s information on the packaging.

The child meal was simpler, but came with a cute pudding!

Another delicious treat was that we all received a vanilla ice cream by Haagen-Daz!

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17 thoughts on “Eating On Japan Airline (Part Two)

  1. JAL has been known to win an award or two, and now I know why.

    That pudding is almost too perfect to eat, It’ll do the kids good to go without dessert every once in a while. You should’ve kept that one for yourself.

    JAL certainly knows how to take the sting out of heading home from vacation.

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