Reblog Feature: Our World And It’s Food Waste Situation

To begin, some very disturbing numbers appear as one looks at the amount of food wasted on our planet. Most people rarely think about how much food they throw out each day. According to the statistics of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, one-third of our food in the world is what we discard each year. This amounts to about 1.3 billion tonnes of food lost each year!

Learn more through this link and leave a comment!

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8 thoughts on “Reblog Feature: Our World And It’s Food Waste Situation

  1. It is best to buy what you need but if you are able to buy in bulk at a great price, try to invest in a chest freezer so you can store the rest of the food which you would not eat right away. Iam sure that those Costco buyers for example know what I mean.

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      1. Yes! Those wonderful green plastic bags which I saw either at TSC or Amazon, They are a God send. I have a green rectangular plastic(similar material)container which I bring with me to work. My sandwich or salad stayed as fresh as I prepared it that morning. Gotta be resourceful and innovative these days to stretch our budget further.


  2. Thanks for highlighting this issue! I try to be diligent on my level, but I know the bigger issue is the waste at higher levels. I started composting to reduce what ends up in the trash. I have also read that going vegetarian/vegan greatly reduces food waste.

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