The Cup Noodles Museum

Growing up, instant noodles and cup noodles were often found in our kitchen. It might not be very healthy, but it was a special treat that I got to savour occasionally.

Momofuku Ando

Momofuku Ando was born in 1910 in Taiwan and moved to Osaka in 1933 to study. He invented the instant noodle in response to the shortage of food after World War Two. The government was promoting the use of bread, but he believed that noodles could fill the need better. In 1958, he invented Chiken Ramen, a chicken-flavoured precooked instant noodle. It was six times the cost of a typical ramen back then so it was considered a luxury item. In 1971, he invented the Cup Noodle for foreign markets when he noticed that Americans were putting the noodles in a cup and pouring hot water over it. (Reference: Wikipedia)

My Own Cup Noodle

During my visit to the Cup Noodle Museum, I got to put together my own cup of noodles. So, for 300 yen, you got to decorate your own cup. Then, you could to choose four types of toppings to sprinkle on top of the noodle bundle. This cup would travel over to the sealing machine and further vacuum-sealed.
I saw this where a workshop about making the noodle bundles was happening!

This was such a fun experience for all ages!

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