Japan Airline: Eating to Japan

Flying on Japan Airlines to Japan took ten hours, so we were served a couple meals along with unlimited snacks and drinks.

We even got a tuna sandwich that was both my favourite and my daughter’s too. We both forgot to take a picture…. it was ingested very quickly.

Special Treatment For Little Ones

Special gifts were given to the children too! They got to choose which gift as there were a couple to pick from.

This was definitely a great experience.

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24 thoughts on “Japan Airline: Eating to Japan

  1. I was in Japan years back. It is a clean,organized country.The folks there are quite disciplined.You will see a lot of vendo machines around selling all kinds of stuff..Fascinating. Japanese goods are of high quality therefore pricey. You can still get good deals for your Japanese yen currency.You just need to talk to the locals or even the hotel staff where you can find bargains. I love Japanese cosmetics.very kind to Asian complexion.


  2. Did I mention I love flying? Oh yeah, I did…just yesterday.

    Everything you’ve shown us so far, Vivian, looks exquisitely cozy. Can’t wait to hear all the details when you re back.

    To those of us stuck at work, months away from vacation, your travelogue is a tonic. Can’t wait for the next installment of dreams!

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