Fly Over Canada: Taiwan Edition

Fly Over Canada is a very different way of sight-seeing. We are all indoors, strapped into our seats and feet dangling above a large, circular screen. There is no voiceover of any kind and only lasts 8 minutes. However, because it feels so realistic and immersive that it feels like a longer ride.

Normally, this ride is about Canada’s different sceneries, but for a limited time only, it is about Taiwan.

Image Courtesy Of Flyer Over Canada

We began by flying over Canada and then, we entered the beautiful land of Taiwan.

Image Courtesy Of Fly Over Canada

The decorations from the entrance to the theatre were Lunar New Year decorations. Right before we went into the theatre, we listened to a story about Lunar New Year from Taiwan.

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8 thoughts on “Fly Over Canada: Taiwan Edition

  1. Sounds wonderful, Vivian.

    Brings to mind something we had at a local amusement park when I was a kid.

    The big difference was, then it was just pedestrian scenes, like a roller coaster or a car chase through the streets of San Francisco.

    Your experience has twenty-some more years of technology to power it, making the subject matter all the more evocative.

    Evocative report, Vivian!

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