Some Smurf History And Sketching Smurfette

Do you remember the Smurfs?

I was a 80s child and I grew up with the Smurfs. It was a cartoon series from 1981 to 1990. This cartoon series was developed from a comic strip like Asterix and Tin Tin.

“One of the most important contributions to popular culture from the tiny nation of Belgium is the Franco-Belgian comics, known under the name of bandes dessinÃces – which in English translates to “drawn strips”, where the Smurfs as well as the characters from recent feature films Tintin and Asterix originated.

The man who introduced the Smurfs was Charles Depuis, a pioneering Belgian publisher of French-language comics, who gave out the first issue of “Le Journal de Spirou” in 1938 in response to “‘Le Journal de Mickey” published four years earlier. His father Jean Depuis, the founder of publishing house Depuis, felt that Belgium needed something to compete with the cultural imperialism of the American Disney character Mickey Mouse and thus Spirou was born.”—Simply Maya

Image From Simply Maya
Image of Charles Depuis via Simply Maya
Image from IMDB

As A Smurf Mom

My children loved the movie when it came out in 2011. It was so lively and super fun for young children. This movie talked about the Smurfs falling into a vortex and landing into real life!

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

One day, my children asked me to draw Smurfette.

And I did….

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29 thoughts on “Some Smurf History And Sketching Smurfette

  1. I actually loved to watch cartoons well into adulthood. The Smurfs was one I watched in college on a tiny black and white T.V.. My roommate was actually from Belgium and told me that they were “invented ” in Belgium and were based on folk tales of a type of fairy.

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  2. Hi: I remember the small little figurines first that were sold in a small gift shop in my town — the surfs were skate boarding or playing basketball all these different activities — I was in grade school, 5th grade, 10 years old. Everyone was obsessed about them & they were popular and the Saturday morning show came on and everyone was watching them. I remember the first shows with Smurfette! They staying in pop culture all through the 80’s many movie and TV shows referencing them. I have not seen the reboot movie but they are a fond memory of childhood!

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  3. Nice drawing. The Smurfs are really not easy to draw.
    Just to add some information, Dupuis is the publisher but the author is Peyo (pseudonym for Pierre Culliford). The Smurfs first appeared in Peyo series “Johan et Pirlouis” but they became so popular that they got their own series. Another lovely comics series by Peyo is Benoit Brisefer, the adventures of a little boy who is very very strong but who loses his strength when he has a cold.

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