Plastic-Free Awareness For Our Family and Friends

When I first brought my own recycle bags to buy my groceries or go shopping, people thought that I was being very weird. I was trying to increase awareness about reducing single use plastics. Why would I want to drag around these reusable bags when I could just pick up a bunch of free plastic ones at the store? What a hassle!!

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9 thoughts on “Plastic-Free Awareness For Our Family and Friends

  1. Carrying my own bags is something me and my family have always done, but I’m so glad it’s a big thing now! It’s so easy to carry them around (in your bag or car for example) so I think it’s crazy that people feel the need to buy a new bag each time. It’s good progress.


  2. Last year the government in my country banned single-use plastic bags, straws and styrofoam now most people have to buy reusable bags from the supermarket or bring their own.

    I’ve been using reusable bags long before the ban.

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