Sketching Cera From The Land Before Time

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

This movie was the film of my childhood and I was so pleased to be able to watch it along with my children when they were young. I was pretty sure that this movie also instilled a love of dinosaurs in my son.

One day, as I was watching my children and a few of their little friends, they asked me to sketch something. Dinosaurs, they had suggested. Here’s a crayon!

So I did….

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10 thoughts on “Sketching Cera From The Land Before Time

  1. Nice job! The Land Before Time remains one of my favorite childhood movies as well. I followed the series for a long time, though I lost interest around the ninth movie. I still love the song during the ending credits of the first movie, though! 🦕😊


  2. Beautifully drawn dinosaur, these things bring back so many memories of our childhood which has been somehow been lying in a deep corner of our heart and mind, it is a nostalgic feeling to watch it again.

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