Foodie Review: Hai Di Lao 海底撈

I love hotpot! It’s a very simple, but fun way of eating together as a family. Each person can choose which type of vegetable or noodle or meat to cook, cook in the hot broth and then, savoir each mouthful! You can choose to dip into a mixture of soy sauce, garlic and other sauces or eat it as is….

History of Hot Pot

“Archeological evidence shows that the earliest hot pots appeared around the Zhou dynasty. The tripod of Zhou dynasty may be the earliest prototype of hot pot. Diners among the nobility each had a personal pot. The pot was made of bronze, and named “Ran Lu” (Chinese: 燃炉). The main part of “Ran Lu” was a stove for carbon burning, with a plate for carbon dust under and a small pot above. Later, during the Qing dynasty, hot pot became popular among the emperors. In particular, the Qianlong Emperor was very fond of hot pot, and would eat it for almost every meal. Later, the Jiaqing Emperor also had a banquet with 1550 hot pots at his coronation. Empress Dowager Cixi was also known to have enjoyed hot pot, especially in the winter months.”— Wikipedia

Hai Di Lao

The highlight of this franchise were their performances. There were Face-Mask Changing and Noodle-Pulling Performances. I also liked the buffet of sauces for customers to mix for dipping. The food was pretty normal for a hotpot restaurant.

I liked the durian glutinous balls for dessert and the sweet souls at the sauce mixing station. Their customer service was very attentive, from the LED birthday signage to making sure we had the right equipment for eating (they made sure we used the equipment correctly, so we would burn ourselves and the utensils).

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