Reblog Feature: How Mesh Produce Bags Helps Our Environment

The next time you visit your local supermarket, take a look at how many rolls of plastic film bags are placed around the fruits and vegetables. Each time a shopper decides to purchase some apples or oranges, they usually reach out and grab one of those plastic bags. After one use, these flimsy plastic bags are then thrown away. What a waste!! Storing your produce in these plastic bags also speeds up the rotting process…..Can you imagine all those pieces of plastics floating around in the ocean and looking like jellyfish? Poor sea creatures can mistake these pieces of plastics as their food source and suffocate. That is why mesh produce bags are so helpful to our environment.

Find our how useful these mesh bags are:

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13 thoughts on “Reblog Feature: How Mesh Produce Bags Helps Our Environment

  1. Food for thought. Its great to see more supermarkets and stores supply loose fruit and veg. We need to be more aware of all of our actions. I will try to bring my canvas bags to the store for my fruit and vegetables. Thank you.

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