Movie Review: Finding Mr. Right

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As a mom of two, I was intrigued with the story of a pregnant woman from China travelling abroad and getting ready to give birth. (Birth tourism was one of the hot topics in Canada.) Then, I found out that part of the movie was filmed in Canada! Cool!


Jia Jia was a famous food magazine editor, who got pregnant with her married and extremely wealthy businessman boyfriend. She couldn’t legally have her child in China without any legal marriage documents, so she was sent to Seattle to have the child. On a visitor’s visa, contacts were made and Frank, the driver, came to pick her up and drove her to a “maternity house”. This was a place where women paid to stay and to be cared for during and after their pregnancies.

Jia Jia despised the people and house that she saw, as she was used to being pampered and treated like royalty back at home. Little did she know that the driver who picked her up from the airport, was someone who she actually “knew” and owed a great deal to back in China…..


1) Don’t judge a book by its cover: Each person had their own story. Nothing was what it seemed… Jia Jia got to know each person in the maternity house and slowly learned that the overseas lifestyle that she laughed at was not what she expected….

2)Money isn’t everything: Jia Jia received an expensive handbag for every special event or holiday from her boyfriend. She had an unlimited credit card to spend. But, she never got to spend much time with him as she was the girlfriend on the side. She thought that having a baby boy could convince him to divorce his wife. He just used money to quiet her as he believed that money was all she needed anyway. On the contrary, she wanted a man that was there when she needed him….

Yay Or Nay

I thoroughly enjoyed watching growth and change of both Jia Jia and Frank. It’s wonderful to see how dynamic these characters became as they interacted more and more with each other.

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