Movie Review: Spies In Disguise

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This animated film was about international espionage. It focused on two sides of espionage…the field agent and the gadget inventor.


Spies constantly was in need of the most updated gadgets of destruction. Destroying the enemies was the only way to stop them. So when the villain escaped with some valuable asset, Lance Sterling, the infamous spy, needed some explosive weapons to fight back.

On the contrary, Walter Beckett believed that one did not need to fight violence with violence. He worked hard to invent spy gadgets that had a special touch.

In a crazy twist of fate, Lance and Walter ended up working together using Walter’s “weird” inventions. They had to find this villain before it’s too late!


1) Being Weird Is Great: Walter was ridiculed ever since he was little with his inventions. His mother believed in him and that he would be great. He was extremely smart and wanted to invent less violent weapons. His mother was part of the Army and ended up sacrificing herself in the field.

I understand how Walter feels. Others laughed at how my choice of career was not making a ton of money and how others took advantage of my kindness and generosity. I believed that being kind and generous will someday repay in ways you could not imagine.

One example was my passion for social media. I took a ton of courses to prepare myself for helping a friend’s company’s social media platforms. I was extremely underpaid and was doing a lot to help her to grow from almost nothing.

My family and friends laughed at how I was being taken advantage of and especially when she suddenly decided that she no longer needed my help after 5 years. All I got was a thank you very much.

I was very heartbroken as I really put a lot of effort and heart into growing a community for her business. But, with my weird optimism, I continued with my life.

Let’s just say after a few friends found out what happened to me, offered me positions in their companies. These positions gave me even more opportunities to grow my skills too! My blog grew out of all this chaos….

2) Working As Team Is Great!: Lance worked alone. He did not like to work with others. Until he was falsely accused and he needed Walter’s help…He discovered that working as a team had many benefits.

Choosing to work alone and by myself was definitely ideal through school. Not needing to deal with so-called perfectionists was my reason for working alone. But I understood that the world was full of both positive and negative folks. Hence, I constantly tried to focus on each person’s positive side no matter how difficult and obnoxious they might be to others.

Yay Or Nay

The whole theatre was laughing! Both the children and the adults were laughing at the hilarious nods to even Korean drama!

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5 thoughts on “Movie Review: Spies In Disguise

  1. Good for you for persevering despite those who laughed. A friend and I were talking in college about how we had both experienced ridicule or confusion about our choice of major, English. Business was considered a more practical option, but we agreed that it was more important to find a path to a career we would enjoy and thus work hard at, rather than to end up in a job that might pay well but that would grind us down.


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