Reblog Feature: Canada Aiming For Plastic Ban In 2021

Banning all single-use plastics like plastic bags, stir sticks, cutlery and straws by 2021 is the goal for our country, Canada. This is great news to our zero-waste community. Following the banning of foam containers in the city, many of the businesses have already switched over to using cardboard take out boxes. Some may notice that the prices of products may have increased. Some business owners mention that they need to offset the cost of the biodegradable containers.

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20 thoughts on “Reblog Feature: Canada Aiming For Plastic Ban In 2021

  1. What I don’t understand is how plastic straws are banned but take-out cups aren’t. Tim Hortons cups for example, aren’t biodegradable. And we Canadians go through A LOT of take-out cups!

    In Toronto, I’ve seen people drinking from plastic cups without straws (from David’s Tea). They look more like sippy-cups but it’s an ingenious idea for cold beverages (as an alternative to straws). Now if only the cups themselves were recyclable.

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  2. I noticed yesterday when I went to McDonald’s; they have no more straws. Soft drinks now have lids you would see of coffee cups. The better half wasn’t happy with the new change. Lol told him to shut his mouth; the next step franchises need to do is biodegradable lids and cups.

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