Photo Of The Day: Our First Snow


This is a photo taken after the snow has fallen. We don’t get a lot of snow each year. Luckily, the snow turned into rain. Snow caused a lot of traffic problems and affects our public transit system.

I am glad the children got to play a bit in the snow after school. But, I am happier that the city can slowly revert to normalcy.


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22 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: Our First Snow

  1. Our snow has fallen and it sticks and soon it piles up. And though it can be a beautiful sight, it can cause a lot of traffic problems but at the same time, children do like playing in it. But I drive😫, haha…but still find the beauty in it just like your photographs. It’s cool you were able to experience that beauty in snowfall before it resorted back to rain. Wonderful capturing of the moments lovely, a wonderful eye you have.🌹

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  2. I love the snow, actually, providing it doesn’t impede traffic (foot, vehicle or otherwise). A major qualification, of course, but still…

    Your photo is great, Vivian, and it inspires sublime thoughts of the best kind of snow – that viewed from cozy indoor warmth, secure in the knowledge there’s nowhere to be, and the pantry is well-stocked.

    That may or may not be your case, Just give me a moment to revel, please,

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