My Sewing Kit Versus The Blue Tin

This is my sewing kit since I moved out of my parent’s place. It has two layers, which I can lift up the top to reveal the bottom layer to store my button collection. But, for my mother and many of her friends, the Blue Tin was the sewing kit.

Photo Courtesy of Dansk Cookies


“The Royal Dansk brand was established in 1966 where a range of crisp, delicious and luxury products were born. The cookies were packed and delivered in a recognisable tin showing the old Danish farmhouse named ‘Hjemstavnsgaard’ from the island of Funen in Denmark.

The tin was used to maintain freshness of the cookies. It was resealable and reusable for storing in general, and some people used it simply as a bowl to serve from. It’s a matter of no surprise that it was known as The Blue Tin.”—- Royal Dansk Website

Funny Fact

As a young child, I know that I am among the many who got tricked into thinking that there were cookies instead. From that time on, we become suspicious whenever we see a Blue Tin just sitting there…. cookie? Or sewing kit?

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15 thoughts on “My Sewing Kit Versus The Blue Tin

  1. Your sewing kit looks lovely. As for the cookies tin, I can understand that your mother would want to use it as a sewing kit rather than throw it away. I am using a cookies tin for my pens at work too. One colleague did bring cookies from France and I found the tin so cute I did not want to throw it away.

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  2. Hi. I’m a new subscriber. Like you, I just posted about my sewing basket. I used to use a Tupperware bread box. It was good because it’s see through. But it just could not compete with having a sewing basket. Love the looks of yours.

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