Book Review: Love Lies Bleeding by Barbara Haworth-Attard

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“Barbara Haworth-Attard is a native of Elmira, Ontario, presently residing in London, Ontario with her family. June 1995 saw the publication of her first junior novel, Dark of the Moon. Since then she has written sixteen novels in the historical fiction, fantasy, contemporary and mystery genres for middle-grade and young adult readers. Her latest book is , “Dear Canada, To Stand On My Own, the Polio Diary of Noreen Robertson” from Scholastic Canada. Barbara’s books have been published world-wide.” — Barbara Haworth-Attard website

The author mentioned in the beginning of the novel that she discovered her father’s suitcase of war memorabilia. Her father spent six years overseas, as he trained in England to his stationing in war “including Sicily, Italy, France, Belgium, Holland, and finally, Germany.”

Excerpts from this collection of letters were intertwined in the novel….


This novel was written by the protagonist, Bobby, a 13-year-old living in Canada during the Second World War. There were so many uncertainties of life in general besides the terror of war.


1) Puberty: Growing up was never easy for many people. This was no different for Bobby. First crushes, school, friendship problems and family issues were combined with the difficulties that were brought on by the war.

I remembered those days when I began writing in my own diary as a teenager. The rage and frustrations of puberty were all poured into my notebooks. There were so many things that I didn’t think that my mom would have understood. There was a generation gap.

2) World War Two: On one hand, the soldiers overseas were writing home asking for care packages and telling family that they missed home. On the other hand, the young teenage boys at home wanted to join the army to fight for their country. A huge sense of patriotism emerged.

Since I was little, I was very interested in history. I read a lot about the World Wars and was very grateful for what our troops did in the past.

Yay Or Nay

The Diary Of Anne Frank was one of my favourite historical books of my childhood. Love-Lies-Bleeding reminded me of this book. I am glad that I got to read a Canadian perspective.

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