Visiting Lamma Island With My Babies

In 2011, our family travelled back to Hong Kong to see family. It was the first time to travel for such a long time with a baby and preschooler. Many thought I was out of my mind! I travelled quite a few times on short trips, so I was prepared.

One of the most famous places that was part of Hong Kong was Lamma Island.

Lamma Island

“Lamma has an estimated population of 5,900 people as of 2014. However, with future developments such as a planned beach community in Sok Kwu Wan the population capacity is expected to double to 11,000 residents.

Actor Chow Yun-fat (周潤發) grew up on the island in the village of Wang Long near Yung Shue Wan. His relatives used to operate a seafood/pigeon restaurant called “Shau Kee” in the main village.

Lamma has a significant Western and international population. The island has had a reputation for alternative lifestyles, hippies, and a relaxed attitude, but Lamma is being urbanised and property prices are increasing as a result of the attraction of this lifestyle.”—Wikipedia

We decided to start the day with a long hike along the coastline. This was one of the most popular activities to do here. It was a hike that usually lasted about an hour, but I was carrying my baby in the Ergobaby and with a back pack of baby supplies, so it took longer. Travelling with my Ergobaby was the best thing ever! Luckily, I didn’t have to push the stroller with my preschooler inside.

Another recommendation for visitors was eating at one of the nearby restaurants. They were all skilled with the preparation of local seafood. My children didn’t eat the seafood, but they ate plenty of vegetables and noodles.

Lamma Island was a hidden gem away from the busy and hectic life of the city. I would love to visit it again, but I have a feeling that it would be a long time due to the unrest in Hong Kong recently.

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24 thoughts on “Visiting Lamma Island With My Babies

  1. Thanks for the (vicarious) relaxation, Vivian!

    Like many, perhaps, who never have visited HK, I always thought of it as being just one vast, sprawling, intense city.

    Thanks to your post, though, now I know there are places to relax. With such attributes, is it any wonder the island’s population is expected to double? Thanks for showing us what it was like “before!”

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