Back On Twitter!!

It has been a few weeks already and my old Twitter account is still suspended without any explanation or reason. Still can’t believe that after almost a decade, it is done.

On a positive note, this gives me the chance to rebuild my new twitter account with the Chocoviv name. My old account has 6600 followers and lots of old friends! It’s going to be a long road….

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22 thoughts on “Back On Twitter!!

  1. I seriously feel for you girl… my IG account was disabled with no explanation last week. I’m scared to go back even with a new username because I feel like I dont trust the platform. Well done for going back xxx

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  2. Well, I’d love to follow you on twitter and I will but don’t expect much interaction. 😉 I hate twitter. lol I don’t even know why I have an account there. Anyhow, good luck re-building yours. 🙂

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