My New Year’s Resolutions

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Do you have any new year’s resolutions? It’s nice to have some goals in mind, but honestly, I just regard them as ideal targets and try not to stress too much on them…..

Chocoviv’s “Ideal” New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Weight: Try as I might, I always had issues with my weight and image. My goal is just to keep it in control. My family tends to gain water weight and get bloated quite easily. It’s very difficult to not compare myself to myself in the past. But I am determined to stop this. Like I said…..very difficult…..
  2. Stress less: This one is even harder, as I am surrounded by critics. I am an easygoing and optimistic Empath, so I often attract bulldozing negative critics. Building boundaries and learning to say no helped a lot in 2019, hence I will continue to do this in 2020.
  3. Travel: I would love to travel more and have the children learn more about different cultures and experiences. But, travelling demands time and money, which means that I have to be smart about it.

Let’s just keep the list short as to make life easier!

What about you? Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions?

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25 thoughts on “My New Year’s Resolutions

  1. I try to avoid new year resolutions, for me it works better just to change things whenever it occurs to me. Stress less (and travel more) sound great though, although it is probably a lot easier said than done. Good luck!

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  2. I call them intentions rather than resolutions. Last year my intent was to read 52 books. I love reading so this was easy. In fact, I read 80. Same intent this year but I am adding writing at least weekly in my blog. I hope you are as kind to yourself this year as you are to others!

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  3. Your resolutions sound realistic, and those kind of things that are worth implementing, as Jesus helps you to see those things fulfilled. Thanks for being true to yourself, as you talk about the things you would like to be able to change.

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  4. Bloat can be a nightmare! It makes me feel like a whale. I have been working hard the last couple of years to figure out my triggers and if I just avoid the wrong foods I feel so much better. I hope you are able to get that figured out, and stop comparing yourself to others while you are figuring it out!!

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