Bearded Dragon Update: 6 Months Old

Maypo, the bearded dragon is turning six months old soon. He has been growing steadily….

Here are some fun facts about him:

  1. He has shedded his skin three times without any problems.
  2. I really love the red colour that he is developing. His parents are even brighter in colours.
  3. He loves red bell peppers. He will try the lighter colour ones, but red is best!
  4. Meal worms are his favourite food right now. He literally jumps off his tree for them. All I have to do is wave one in front of him and he will run over….fast….
  5. Every night I am filing his nails with a glass file because he is so small, I am not confident enough to cut his nails. Yes, he reminds me of the times when I was filing my own baby’s nails….

Well, that’s the update on my little dragon! Now, it’s time to plan for the year 2020!

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