Growing Up Frugal: As A New Mom

Even as a child, I planned to be a mother some way or another. I grew up watching my mom taking care of my baby sister as I was already eleven years old. I tried my very best to remember everything that she did with a newborn baby. I really felt that I was ready.

Having a baby was expensive, said everyone. But as I watched my mom mostly supporting the family with her income, I did not feel like the baby or the rest of the family was lacking the necessities of life.

Cloth Diapers

I chose to use cloth diapers as my mother did back then. I remembered how my mother had a simple diaper pail to soak the diapers in and there was no stink at all! Doing some research, I discovered at adding Castille soap and vinegar as a prewash solution in the pail was key. Fascinating enough, my parents still kept the original diaper pail! So I borrowed it….

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Lucky for me, I found some flat cloth diapers on sale. Then, I bought some super cute diaper covers. Cloth liners helped to reduce any messes too.

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Considering babies went through about twenty diapers a day, cloth diapers reduced the amount of waste at home. When we went outside, I looked for coupons to purchase fragrance-free disposable diapers.

Feeding the Baby

Before giving birth, I read as much as I could about breastfeeding. I knew about the difficulties that I might be facing and I was prepared. I drank lots of water, and tried my best to eat and rest, as much as possible. It wasn’t easy…. Fortunately, majority of the time was good. I was able to use an electric pump and collected a good supply for my deep freezer.

As the baby got older, I continued to search for coupons to save money on toddler formula, baby food, cereal, medication etc…

Dressing the Baby

Babies grow out of their clothing so quickly! Since I was the earliest of my friends and family to have a child, there weren’t any hand-me-downs for my first child. But, I had an excellent relationship with my local children’s store. Hence, the staff would let me know when they would have sales.

For my second child, I was able to collect some clothes from friends. That saved quite a bit of money there!

Raising Children Frugally

As the children grew up, I continued to search for deals and coupons. Sometimes, in order to save money, I had to stock up. There wasn’t a lot of space in my in-law’s bottom level that we lived in, so I had to improvise and store the stock in containers. I labeled everything to make sure I knew what they were.

Unfortunately, to people outside, it looked like I was just collecting stuff. It didn’t matter what they said, as I knew I had to do this to save money with my extremely low income. Having babies meant I was on maternity leave. In Canada, mothers were given twelve months to be their babies for one year at 55 percent of their previous income. That wasn’t very much at all, after taxes.

Despite the tough economy, I was very fortunate to have family members to watch and care for both of my children. Working hard along extreme couponing and being smart about deals, helped me to begin to save some money.

Up Till Now

As my children grew older and older, I continued to pass on this way of life to my children. Delaying instant gratification helped save money. Saving money helped to grow more money by investing it in the bank.

Till this day, my critics continued to laugh at my “messy” collections of presents and stock. Hmmm….interestingly, the same people often asked me for my help to look for the exact items that I already have “collected”?

Or when the same people complained that they had to spend ten times the amount that I did for the same item?

Very interesting…, don’t you think?

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12 thoughts on “Growing Up Frugal: As A New Mom

  1. As a new mom with a husband who was injured at work and on medical leave, money was tight. I used cloth diapers (I don’t know how they can afford them with today’s prices). I used disposable only when going out. As my baby’s got older I made baby food and sawed their clothes. Lucky I had 2 girls, Irish twins (12 months apart).

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  2. You know, I’d never thought of the frugal benefits of breastfeeding, but that’s true, why buy something we can literally produce naturally? I’m also a big fan of cloth diapers. My mom used them for me and I am determined to use them when my turn comes!

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  3. Now I don’t think about the diaper. Because I don’t know my mom uses diaper for me or not. But I will try use for my baby. But unfortunately, I am unmarried now. Pray for to early marry and get baby.

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