Movie Review: Joker

Recently, I read a critique about the newest version of “Joker” with Joaquin Phoenix as Joker. I was a bit hesitant about watching this movie after reading this critique.

However, as I grew up watching the classic Batman TV series and then the cartoon series, I decided to watch it. I knew that it would not be as fun and entertaining like the series.

The character of Joker had grown darker and darker ever since Jack Nicholson first became Joker. The way he grinned evilly left a deep impression on many viewers.


Our protagonist, Arthur Fleck was recently made to leave an asylum. He required 7 different medications and meetings with a social worker/ counsellor to talk about his daily life.

Arthur’s daily occupation was a clown for hire. He was constantly laughed at and beaten down because he had a unique condition. Apparently, his uncontrollable and maniacal laugher was from his childhood head trauma. Despite all the sadness, he was seeing positive aspects of his life. Or did he?


1) mental illness: Arthur was very clear about the fact that he had a mental illness. He tried over and over again to find the silver lining in every disaster in his life. Even when he discovered that some things weren’t what he had expected, he still tried to keep going. Sadly, society disappointed him over and over again. This was what pushed him over the edge.

I have to admit, this movie has many potential triggers for the more sensitive movie viewers. There were so many emotional scenes. Definitely, not what I would expect from Joker. There was too much tragedy happening to one person. For someone with pre-existing conditions, this movie might be very depressing. Growing up, Joker was one of my most memorable villains in the Batman comic world. Watching this movie of his past, tugged at my heart strings…..

2) inequality in society: Gotham City’s rich and famous, especially Thomas Wayne, the upcoming mayoral candidate, looked down on the rest of the population that was living in poverty. Garbage was piling up and crime was extremely common. Businesses were going out of business. But, the top tier of society was enjoying all the luxuries of life.

In our present society, this scenario does seem familiar. However, despite feeling relieved that Joker survived all his ordeals and even started a movement against the higher class citizens, I could not agree with the irresponsible actions of his supporters. Innocent children often got hurt by the actions of the adults and in this case, Little Bruce Wayne.

Yay or Nay

This was a very emotional movie. I recommend watching it like a documentary. A documentary about a gentleman’s tragic past. There are many triggers in this movie, so be prepared if you are emotional sensitive. Don’t expect it to be like a typical Batman-related movie….

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23 thoughts on “Movie Review: Joker

  1. It really was full of triggers but it was also quite interesting to see what (as you mentioned) seemed more like a docu-film about someone with serious mental health issues and how society perceives and, often, abandons people like Arthur.

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      1. Think it shows as well that everyone has a breaking point, despite what they’re going through. As you say in a comment above, people were horrific and dismissive towards him.

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  2. I agree with everything you said here. I found the movie so emotionally impacting yet I wouldn’t change a thing about it. I had low expectations when I first watched it and yet it blew me away. I found myself thinking the same thing.. for anyone that’s in a bad place (not just mental illness), this movie can be triggering.

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  3. Interesting review. I haven’t seen this film and I heard mixed things about it. That’s fascinating how they made The Joker a more sympathetic character. Also, my favorite version of that character was the 90s cartoon played by Mark Hamill. Yes, Luke Skywalker is also the Clown Prince of Crime.

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  4. The fact that the Joker has a painful past leading up to his present has always made me more interested in him than most superhero villains. However, DC superheroes have gotten so extreme in their darkness lately that I’m hesitant to watch them. Maybe at some point I’ll be strong enough to watch this movie. 🙂

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