Why Should This Mommy Put Up The Christmas Tree

Every December, my stress and anxiety kicked in high gear. Sometimes, I didn’t even want to put up my Christmas tree.

For most of my mommy friends, it was the stress of shopping for presents.

Not me….I enjoyed shopping year round. I loved searching and hunting for deals all the time. It was my frugal habits that helped me to save money. Apparently, for some people, this was being cheap. They looked down on my frugal behaviour and made fun of me.

“You aren’t buying exactly what people want!”

“You aren’t spending enough money!”

“You aren’t spending enough time looking for presents!”

Obviously, these criticisms came from people who actually didn’t really enjoy giving presents themselves or didn’t even bother giving any at all!

How hypocritical!!

Learning From Women’s Magazines

Photo courtesy of Chatelaine Magazines

I grew up with Reader’s Digest and Chatelaine magazine at home. My mom, herself, had read these magazines to learn about her new life when she first immigrated to Canada.

One of the best tips that I learned from all this reading was when to purchase certain items. For example, I would buy winter coats and shoes during the summer months. These items would go on sale or even on clearance as they made way for the new summer stock. Likewise, I would look for swimming suits and sandals during the winter months.

From 1994….

Another excellent tip that I picked up was to shop year round and have a collection of gifts in storage. I constantly had a list of people that I needed to buy gifts for in my head. There were more than 100 birthdays and Christmas presents that I had to prepare for each year.

In order to customize presents to people, I paid attention to what people were using in their homes, what they liked or was looking for when we went out shopping. I had a knack for finding the most amazing deals around.

Check out this genuine magazine from the 1992!

According to those magazines, it’s not the smartest thing to go into a downward spiral just to buy gifts. That was why I didn’t ever have a budget.

Treasure hunting was my calling…. My presents might not be the most luxurious gifts that costed me hundreds or thousands of dollars. Instead, I hunted for the most practical items that the person would need.

Not everyone were appreciative of my practical ways. Some people actually gave me back my gifts because they didn’t think it was what they wanted. I would rather they donated or regifted the items to others who might actually value the thought.

My children rarely asked for specific gifts. Most importantly, I taught my children to be appreciative of all presents that others gave them.

Christmas Cheer Goes On

After listening to many criticisms each Christmas or holiday, I would take a deep breath and continue…. I got this!

Some might choose to not bother with this task, but not me! The reason was simple…. Most of my recipients were so grateful and told me personally that they loved my choices.

I loved that feeling! The feeling that I got them something that they actually wanted, but might not even thought of, gave me the power to keep going….

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36 thoughts on “Why Should This Mommy Put Up The Christmas Tree

  1. I’m sorry people have been insensitive when it comes to gift giving/receiving! How ungrateful! I need to be better about shopping throughout the year. That’s what I tell me clients (I work with Assets) I encourage them to shop year round or put a little back every month for Christmas. It’s not worth going into debt over a few gifts. And I encourage my creative clients to make homemade gifts. I’m fortunate, my friends and family are very appreciative. They prefer when I make gifts for them. I was behind last year because my husband was ill, so I didn’t get the chance to make anything, and my nieces actually cried because they didn’t receive a special handmade gift from their auntie! I made sure to include a handmade gift this year! I’m like you though. I try to pay attention to what people may need or could use, and I try to get them things that patch their personality! I love shopping for other people. I genuinely enjoy making others happy! I’m so glad I’m not alone in this, and that you are raising your children the same way!! Merry Christmas!! ❤

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  2. Is that an iPhone ornament? So cute! 😍As for Christmas presents, I haven’t even started yet. It’s just the in-law family I need to deal with, and they’re a big family. My parents on the other hand, are pretty easy to buy for.

    Usually I end up going to Costco and having one big giant shopping spree there. The reason I don’t shop year round is because a) I live halfway across the country and b) we don’t have the storage space to keep extra stuff year-round.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. One of the requirements that I needed for my new home was a huge crawl space for my storage…..
      yes! The iPhone is glass ornament that I picked up on clearance for $2!


  3. I think it’s amazing how you raised your child appreciating gifts! ❤️ Also, maybe sounds silly but-would it be possible to send me an issue of the magazine you like? It can be an old one. I love magazines and I think it would be a nice add to my collection.

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  4. Certainly, I’ve been known to Christmas shop for “next year” while the tree’s still up. Often, it so happens my back closet gift shelf begins to sag in January. By November, it’s ready to buckle.

    Non perishable gifts, naturally. One year I added a fruit basket in February, but that didn’t turn out so well. Just kidding – or am I?

    Anyway, good cheer all around as the glow brightens even the dark corners. Just a week or so until we start leaning toward the sun again, then a few days more until Christmas.

    Merry, merry, merry!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Oh well I hope its not draining you too much. When I see people that are stressed I remind them that Christmas is about Christ’s birth and that everything else is just added on muck. I’m not even religious but all the hoopla gets a little ridiculous.

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  5. I can totally relate! I hate the Christmas rush too, and I shop months in advance to avoid it. Online shopping and doorstep delivery are also real life savers! 🙂

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  6. Kudos to you for getting your shopping done through the year! I always resolve to do that, but then I put it off or get stuck wondering if the things I find will still be wanted by the time I give them. But it really saves on stress if you can manage it, and I’m sure that helps you choose better presents!

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  7. I need to know where you picked up that Snorlax decoration! Very cute! 😍 Regarding presents, I tend to buy gifts throughout the year, usually in sales, second hand shops, or through E-bay. It saves me so much money doing it this way.

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  8. I can tell easily that you are way more organized than I am. The good news is that that means I don’t stress about it, I can usually come up with something good enough, occasionally with something perfect. But yeah, the bad news is that I “suddenly” have a lot of gift giving expenses we don’t have in other months. Somehow it all works out though!

    Happy holidays!

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