Overnight Stay At The Westin Wall Centre ( Vancouver Airport)

Anticipating for a busy weekend, I was actually looking forward to just put my feet up for the night. As I turned in the cul-de-sac at the front entrance, I noticed that there was a lot of construction sites around the Westin Wall Centre hotel.

Thankfully, it was the weekend, so there wouldn’t be any construction going on. I even discovered ear plugs in my hotel room to help reduce the disturbance to guests. Not sure if it helps much. However, I was glad that I didn’t need to worry about that.

As I entered the main entrance, I was greeted by a lovely Christmas tree. The entrance wasn’t very grand, but had enough sofas for guests to wait with their luggage’s to check in or out.

As guests were waiting, the lobby had some complimentary apples and cookies for guests to enjoy. Naturally, my little ones picked some up to go.

My room was facing all the construction, so I was very glad that it was the weekend! I can’t imagine waking up early in the morning by drilling from the sites.

The beds and linens were so comfortable and soft. Ahhhh….. I got to rest up!

As a compliment, there was a coffee machine with Starbucks coffee. Actually, in the morning, they served complimentary ones in the lobby also!

Even though I brought my pajamas with me, I ended up throwing on this super soft bathrobe instead.

The washroom had both a shower and a large bathtub. The bathtub was very deep and perfect for bubble baths!

As we all settled in for the night, I discovered this little roll-on of lavender essential oil at the night stand.

What amazing attention to details by the Westin! I am definitely looking forward to my next stay at this hotel chain……

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12 thoughts on “Overnight Stay At The Westin Wall Centre ( Vancouver Airport)

  1. Oh, Vivian, how many times can I “Like” this post? Is there a “Love It!!!!!” button?

    Good hotels are spectacular, and being surrounded in such luxuriousness inspires many a dream.

    From the sleep balm, to the fluffy robe and even fluffier linens, could there be a more perfect way to spend a December night? Absolutely savory, for all the senses.

    Awesome post!

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