Growing Up Frugal (Part 3): As An Adult

Here I am as a frugal adult!

As I finished university, the owner of an esthetician’s school and spa, offered me lower tuition to study for an esthetician’s license and certification. This was ideal as I could learn the tricks of the trade and get complimentary facials and treatments that I had to pay for originally! She was hoping that I would work for her afterwards as she could see that I had the skills already….

Incidentally, after I recieved my certification, she decided to do move and I continued to work as a nutritionist. However, I still continued do my nails and for my family and friends…

I also continued to play with cosmetics and skincare…..

Getting Married

Even as a child, I knew I wanted to getting married. I had no ideal or fantasies about marriage…. I viewed it as the “graveyard of love”. But I knew I wanted to go through it, despite seeing so many failed marriages around me as I grew up. Staying together didn’t mean happiness, separating wasn’t also a bad thing…..

Anyway, in my senior year of high school, i had taken a course called Family Psychology. Each student had to plan their own wedding as a project. I was determined to plan the cheapest and most frugal one, but still had all the bells and whistles.

As a group of 17 year olds, I was surprised that all those wedding gown shops and jewelry shops were so kind to us! Perhaps it was because I was extremely serious about all my inquiries. Naturally, our group achieved a very high mark for our research.


Ten years later, I was able to follow most of the notes in my high school wedding planner.

The most frugal accomplishment I did was to sew my own wedding gown:

    I picked up a simple evening gown sewing pattern and redesigned it to suit my style.
    I added a design on the bodice, gown and train for my aunt to hand-bead with beads (she enjoyed doing this herself).
    I also sewed and redesigned my veil too!

Throughout the whole wedding planning, I did a lot of bargaining and loved it!

The wedding cake was not a real cake, it was a fake one that the baker lent to me for free. I had ordered a nice giant slab of groom’s cake for the restaurant to serve. There was one spot where I could cut into for photos.

For my flowers, I ordered most of my flowers from my friend, who was running a small business of artificial floral arrangements. Some of these gorgeous artificial flowers were also on the wedding cake as decorations.

The best part was that our bouquets were lightweight as they did not need any oasis to keep the flowers moist. The whole day was around 35 degrees Celsius, which was very hot!

Overall, because of the intense bargaining and my super frugal ways, we actually had money to fund for the small honeymoon to Thailand. Thailand wasn’t my ideal, but I decided to settle for that back then. Europe had to wait…which I did go after ten years later…..

To be continued…..
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29 thoughts on “Growing Up Frugal (Part 3): As An Adult

  1. Wow, those are some valuable skills. I can’t sew to save my life. I know nothing about beauty products or skincare. I depend too much on others when it comes to these things. You are one amazing lady. ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Wow! I literally only had 4 months to plan my wedding. I assigned tasks to the family members who wanted them. We purposely left some stuff out of our wedding (no honeymoon, no open bar since it was a morning wedding, no DJ since I don’t like loud noises and again morning wedding with lunch buffet). Everything turned out really lovely despite the time crunch, and we managed to save a lot of money by only including the stuff we wanted.

    In the end, our wedding cost us a grand total of approx. 21K, even though my wedding dress was 2K. Some people might say this is pricy, but it was a really beautiful wedding, and everything included in our wedding sparked joy. My favorite thing was the cupcake tier cake! It’s exactly what I wanted. (Cupcakes with a small cake on the top). 🧁💕 So yes, it’s totally possible to be frugal and classy without being cheap.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. That’s awesome! 😀 It’s great that you have connections and know a lot of people. 🎉🥂 Ironically, despite not having an open bar, we ended up with leftover bottles of wine lol

        Liked by 1 person

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