Product Review: MIBA, A Korean Brand

My friend knew that I love to try out Korean beauty brands, so she thought that I would enjoy these items by MIBA.

“MIBA is a South Korean brand dedicated to promote the importance of minerals which our body needs such as Calcium. It makes use of calcium as a mineral in their product to fight wrinkles, whiten skin as well as protect the skin from the sun.”—- KPopMag.


MIBA’s BB Crème came under the spotlight in 2018 when Korean trot singer, Hong Jin Young, didn’t flush after an alcoholic drink on a Korean television show. Her neck flushed but not her face, and that BB creme sold like crazy!


MIBA Skin Spray

According to the label, this skin spray “relieves …dry skin by…moisturizing with high purity ion calcium….”. It is dermatologist-tested.

It feels cool on the skin and has a very faint floral scent. It is 100ml in size so I can carry this with my next plane ride too!

Ion Calcium Natural Toothpaste

The packaging emphasizes that this toothpaste doesn’t contain parabens, triclosan, preservatives, sodium laureth/lauryl sulphate, artificial colours or flavours and saccharin.

It has a light peppermint flavour.

6 Day Sheetmasks

These masks require you to leave it on for half an hour. I love sheet masks! The calcium in the essence is to increase the moisture of the skin.

MIBA Ion Calcium Calamine Tone Up Sun Cushion And MIBA Ion Calcium Foundation Double Cushion

Both of these cushions has an SPF of 50. The Tone Up Sun Cushion is for sun protection and the other one is a foundation.

Notice that the Sun Cushion starts out to have a pinkish tone, but both blends out wonderfully!

I really enjoy trying out these products and I hope someday I will get to try that BB creme!

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