Things To Do: Escaping From Being Locked Inside

Have you ever been locked inside a room before? Was it fun?

As a group, we decided to do exactly that—get locked inside a room and try to escape. There were quite a few of these places and our local friend suggested “Locked”.

The escape room phenomena that originated in Japan has now become a worldwide entertainment experience. This real life escape room places you in the center of the action where you must solve a series of puzzles and riddles. The objective of the game is to escape within the limited amount of time. Participants must work together as a team, or forever be trapped.“— Locked Canada

Welcome to Locked

We had children in our group so I made sure that there would not be any scary aspects in the game. We were lucky that there was space for us as usually they needed reservations for groups. He recommended us to play the room called Abduction. There were some really scary looking themes on the introduction information…..

Photo Courtesy of Locked Canada

While we were waiting to be the next group to go in, the children played LEGO Guitar Hero. We waited about 20 minutes as we had no reservations. As I was waiting, the receptionist asked me if I wanted to write a Google Review. Sure, as this review gave us an extra 5 minutes in timing!

In total, we were given 55 minutes and 3 clues to solve all the puzzles and brain teasers.

Overall Experience

Everyone had a great time! It wasn’t easy, but we made it through!!!

My Alien Abductor

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25 thoughts on “Things To Do: Escaping From Being Locked Inside

  1. Don’t know …I maybe too impatient for this game. Also, it’s hubby who solves these puzzles easily (and he is tall, so he can reach much further than I can, and strong, so opening locks is a sinch for him:) As a short person, I married the right guy!

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