Quote Of The Day: Making A Life for Myself

That’s my quote of the day….

Close family and friends laughed and made fun of what did for a living and how little I made, especially with my credentials and education. How I should be working harder and not take time to volunteer and help out at the children’s school…..

On the other hand, the same people would say that I was not a good enough mother as I was working at home also on my social media work and was not keeping up with the home life perfectly.

Others had taken advantage of my knowledge and expertise, at first, I didn’t think about it much as my goal in life was to help others. But yes, it did hurt when some felt entitled to demand more and more… My mental health has been on constant fighting mode….

Not matter what I did, someone would have a negative comment….

After Decades of Criticisms

I am glad that I am able to do what I love, and make a living. But most importantly, I am making a life for myself.

I may not be filthy rich in the pocket, but I am rich in the heart and in the soul!

Thank you to all those positive folks who have been so supportive of my work and passion.

To those who have been looking down and shaking their heads at my work, I feel sorry that you don’t approve of what and how I do things…. But guess what? Your disapproval only fuels my passion to not give up!

Thank you 😊


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