Book Review: Ender’s Game

Visiting my local library, I was looking for a book to read. Then, the book of this book caught my eye. I remembered that I had watched the movie awhile back, so I decided to pick up “Ender’s Game”.

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The setting of this science-fiction novel placed the characters in the far future where Earth had two major battles with alien bugs. Parents were not allowed to have more than one child. Ender’s parents sacrificed a lot in order to have another child. Ender was the youngest of three and when he was six years old, he was recruited to the Battle School.

Children were sent to the Battle School till they were in their teens to train to fight the alien bugs.


1) Growing Up: A huge part of the book was about the life of Ender growing up in the Battle School, rising up in the ranks as he was highly skilled in combat.

The dialogues in the book between the children were quite mature. My favourite parts were when Ender’s siblings were planning to change the world with their ideology.

2) Warfare: Battling the alien bug enemy was the main theme in the novel, but read deeper and you would notice the political issues of the world.

Bullying, and intimidation were a major part of Ender’s life that he had to learn to live with. He had a lot of internal battles inside regarding himself and his predicament at the Battle School.

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Yay or Nay

To be honest, I only enjoy the part when his siblings are able to influence the world through their ideologies. I understand why this book is a good candidate for a movie because it has a lot of action scenes. So, I need to watch the movie again.

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17 thoughts on “Book Review: Ender’s Game

  1. I read the book looooong before watching the movie and loved it. *Good* sci-fi really stands out because so much of it is tropey fluff. I highly recommend you check out books by Iain M. Banks such as Consider Phlebas and The Algebraist if you liked Ender’s Game!

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  2. I just wanted to comment on your latest blog. I’m glad you are doing what you love! It’s not always about the money! People can be critical no matter what you do. I feel you. I had the opportunity to have a full time career when my girls were growing up, but chose to work part time so I could be home when they got home from school to be with them. I don’t have any regrets! I’m proud of you! 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼

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  3. I think I’d enjoy reading about mature-minded children trying to change the world over blasting alien bugs too. 😉 I actually didn’t watch the movie or read the book because I thought that it was mainly about action. Good to know there are some more thoughtful parts too!

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  4. I absolutely LOOOOVE Ender’s Game and Ender’s Shadow (Bean’s POV)! (Though the author is a bit of a prick) They were the first books I could re-read over and over again that weren’t the Harry Potter series.

    I got excited about the movie that they did, but I feel it could have been split into two movies. Of all the movies that didn’t get split up that could have used it… *sigh*

    XO Steph

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