K-Beauty Trip To Korea 2019

Two years ago, I was lucky enough to obtain a ticket to this Korean Beauty Event. So, when I saw the notice to register for this year’s event, I immediately signed up! The ticket said that the first 300 attendees would receive a gift bag too!

I arrived 40 minutes earlier and the line ups were insane….. Sadly, I was not one of the first 300 people to receive the gift bag. I learned afterwards that only 500 tickets were given out for the event.

Entering The Korean Beauty World

One of my favourite items of K-Beauty were the sheet masks! There were so many that I had not seen before. A couple vendors gave out some samples when we followed their social media platforms. Shifeon, and Lifecode Boutique were two vendors there.

Feminine sanitary products were promoted too. Too bad they ran out of samples by the time I got into the event. I had waited in line for an hour….

uPang UV Sterilizers

At first, I thought these were skincare mini-fridges. After chatting with the sales representative, I discovered that these are little ultraviolet sterilizers! You could sterilize makeup brushes and baby bottles too! So cute!



Silkway Travels presented their Korea Beauty Trip specials. Everyone was waiting to see who would win the tickets to Korea at the end of the event.


Try and Buy

Naturally, there were a lot of testers for us to try and then purchase. Last time, there were more samples for guests to take home. Plus there were snacks and drinks too!

There weren’t any of that this time. Considering it was a whole day event, you would think that there would be some refreshments and tea during noontime….. Good thing I brought a protein bar and a coconut water….


Featuring Sunnydahye

Ait Canada was the airline that sponsored the arrival of Sunnydahye, a famous beauty YouTuber. She introduced some of her favourite spots in Korea and even did some makeup demonstrations too.

If you were wondering, no, I didn’t win the tickets to see Jay Park in Concert and no, I didn’t win tickets to Seoul either…..

However, I got to see a lot of interesting brands! Maybe next time I might win a ticket?


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  1. I have been using K beauty products for about 5 years now I think, and I love it. Would love to read about your faves, I like switching my beauty products every now and then:)

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