Reblog Feature: Do It Yourself Christmas Decor

One of my most memorable Do It Yourself Christmas décor projects was the year that our family had to move into a small basement, while awaiting to move into our new home. My mother said that we could not put up our huge Christmas tree as there was not enough space. The ceiling of the basement was just not tall enough. I was so disappointed. My mother was a very creative person. She quickly looked around for some green construction paper. Folding and cutting, she made a paper Christmas tree and stuck it to a wall in the living room. Then, I remembered I was cutting up small circles to be the ornaments on our Do It Yourself Christmas Tree. We also cut up a lot of paper snowflakes to decorate the place.

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16 thoughts on “Reblog Feature: Do It Yourself Christmas Decor

  1. I love your mother’s creativity and ingenuity. With a little bit of thinking outside of the box, there are countless solutions to our daily conundrums. We love having a real Christmas tree. We also love having our house filled with friends and family at Christmas time. Unfortunately, our chosen Christmas tree always took up valuable ‘company space.’ Our solution, to move the tree just a few feet from where it usually sat. It is now outside of our living room window (on our porch), instead of inside. And no needles to constantly vacuum. Win-win!

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  2. What a wonderfully inspiration! Probably, among all the Christmas trees that came after, and which still have yet to be, that one was one of the most memorable.

    What is it about mothers at Christmastime? I’m a guy, meaning I hang a single ornament…”There. Decorated. Done!”

    Meanwhile, my mother lavishes her home to perfection. Wonder why I spend more time there at the holidays than I do in my own place. Hmmm…why would that be?

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