11 Unknown Things About Me Blogger Tag

“We have a game that my blogger friend Lerzan Karadan has started and my other blogger friend Bipudra has nominated me. I have to answer those questions about me and nominate other friends. ” —Deria

Thank you, Deriasworld for tagging me!

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The 11 Questions

1- What don’t you like in your character? 

I am easily affected by the criticisms that I hear around me.

2- What is your biggest obsession?

Wow, there are so many! KPop, fashion, food, beauty, and yes, social media lol…..

3- Do you have a secret that no one knows?

Of course!

4- What is your greatest achievement in life?

My two minions!

5-What makes you happy?

So many things can make me happy….I tend to be quite positive until I hear those criticisms……

6-Who is your favourite celebrity?

My eternal idol from the 90s—- Jimmy Lin! I idolized him as he soar into fame from Taiwan in the early 90s.

Photo from IMDb

After he became a dad, he isn’t doing a lot of filming or singing. Did I mention he is 45 years old????

7-Do you believe in luck and do you think you have any luck?

Absolutely! Life isn’t always perfect. But whenever I feel like all is lost, suddenly things will swing my way. Plus, I tend to win a lot of giveaways…..

8-Dream profession and reason.

I would love to be a travel reviewer! For obvious reasons…. To get paid to travel!!!

9-What are you doing when you are distracted?


10-Favourite movie or TV series.

Stranger Things

11-What question would you like to be asked and how would you like to answer?

You look so happy all the time. Are you ever stressed?

Yes, my stress levels can often go quite high very quickly. I am very sensitive as an Empath and toxic people surround me.

Thankfully, due to my stubborn nature and my extensive knowledge of natural supplements and remedies, I am able to help myself conquer and build defences against these toxic feelings.

My emotional health can sometimes be affected by the unfortunate events that happens to me. It’s normal and each time I fight long and hard to climb out of the abysses.


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7 thoughts on “11 Unknown Things About Me Blogger Tag

  1. Nice knowing about you. I am an empath too. That makes you so loving and caring but when negativity strikes, you get affected the most. The positive outweighs the negative anyway. More power to empaths 💪

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