Product Feature: Taslie Skincare

Isn’t this turtle cute?

Taslie Skincare‘s Head to Toe Wash often accompanies us on our trips as it is a part of my son’s daily life. It is gentle on the skin and tearless too.

I love that this company is made in British Columbia, Canada, of natural and organic ingredients that are suitable for sensitive skin from infants to adults. It is hypoallergenic and ph-balanced, which is important for little one’s skin.

According to their website, this company uses special “PET plastics  recyclable plastics which we will be combining with ECOSPACK produced by Adairo Distribution, Inc. This is the first step towards a cleaner environment. 

ECOSPACK is biodegradable plastic packaging made with an organic-based biodegradable additive. This packaging has an indefinite shelf life until placed in an active microbial environment, such as a landfill. The biodegradable plastics will totally biodegrade within 1-5 years in a landfill environment compared to decades or even centuries.

I love that Taslie loves turtles. Just like me!🐢

Did You Know?

“Canadian waters are home to seasonal populations of endangered leatherback and loggerhead sea turtles. In fact, waters off Atlantic Canada are among the most important in the world for leatherbacks. These tropical turtles come here from their nesting grounds in Central and South America to feed and grow fat on jellyfish. Kathleen Martin Executive Director, Canadian Sea Turtle Network  

Taslie Skin Care has teamed up with The Canadian Sea Turtle Network. Our Turtle bottle helps young children understand conscious consumption with a portion of sales donated to conserve endangered sea turtles.” –Taslie Website.


That is the other reason why we travel with our beloved Taslie, to spread this important fact about our country’s effort to help these beautiful creatures.

Many travellers may tend to just use whatever samples that are found in the hotel rooms. I prefer to bring our favourite personal care products as I try to use as little chemical products for my little ones and me.

They also have a light body lotion that I also sometimes use myself…


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