Reblog Feature: Chocoviv’s Interview by Mommy Me

I am so excited to introduce our next guest blogger, Vivian who shares interesting real-life stories, in her lifestyle blog,  Chocoviv’s Lifestyle Blog She writes about her experiences almost everyday in her blog and the best part is, she can write about anything and everything in the most fascinating way! She is undoubtedly a multifaceted person, proving herself in different dimensions and fields.–Mommy Me


Thank you, Mommy Me!

Go and visit her page to check out my interview!

These collaborations are the best way to build our tribes of support!


Featuring: Ishwarya S (Mommy Me)

Glad you are interested in knowing about me. This is Ishwarya S, a stay-at-home parent, who loves to read, write and fritter away my time on social media. I believe in women empowerment and every woman should be the decision maker of her own life. I have a master’s degree in Genetic Engineering and have few years of experience as a trainer. 

I love to travel, meet people and explore the weirdness in the world. I met my husband in my high school. We decided to get married after being in a serious relationship for few years. We have been married for four years and we are now proud parents of Ishaana Sivakumar, who is also our parenting guru.


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