100th Blog Post Milestone

My 100th blog post!

Wow, I never thought that I would reach this milestone this quickly.

I am sitting here in awe as I am writing this post. My original plan is to write and edit one post a day. However, I discovered that I have so much to share! But my critics would say, no one will care….

Quel surpris 😯 !!! So many of my fellow bloggers would send likes and comments, exchanging experiences and wisdom…

As I continue to write, I am humbled by how much effort and care that each fellow blogger puts into each post.



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97 thoughts on “100th Blog Post Milestone

  1. Congratulations!

    I’m not even trying to write on a schedule anymore. My older blog was originally supposed to be weekly, but for the last few months I’ve hardly been writing there at all. (The posts are numbered in the title, though, so I know exactly how many I’ve written.) I never committed to any sort of schedule with this one.

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      1. My next one will be a story about two big adult steps I took in April 1995. On my other blog, I’m thinking about writing about my experience with a shady company with questionable business practices that sold me something useless for $2600 and how I’m about to give up trying to deal with them and just remove their product myself and admit that I wasted a bunch of money, hoping that my story might make others reconsider doing business with this company. (I know at least one person, a coworker, who decided not to give them her business after hearing my story.) I just hate admitting that I made a mistake and just gave up without putting up more of a fight, but I guess we all make costly mistakes at some point in life, and there is value in getting on with one’s life as well.

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  2. Wow girl if you notice I’m binge reading your posts. First of all congratulations to your achievement. You are inspiring me to get better because I’m not as consistent as much as I love writing. I’ll try to take that post a day challenge everyday soon and see how it goes. Keep shining!!

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