Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Fruit

Photo taken during my Vietnam trip.

Thank you ViewFromTheBack for bringing this challenge to my attention!

I love durian…Durian is one fruit that you either love it or hate it. People that hate it say that it smells like garbage or worse.

My earliest memories of durian was following my mother around Chinatown and I would stick my head into those cold freezers of durian to sniff them.

Durian was and still is an expensive fruit. So, it’s always a special treat to have some. Luckily, many of my aunts love it too!

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25 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Fruit

  1. Durian is amazing! I love this aromatic fruit. It took me many years to finally taste a fresh durian in Singapore (summer 2018) and it did not disappoint. Occasionally, my husband and I will splurge on a “fresh” imported durian from the supermarket here, but it’s not quite the same as locally grown durian from the tropics.

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  2. My favourite!!! The durian season here in Singapore was long this year and there was plenty of supply so it wasn’t as expensive as the previous years. But yeah you’re right, it still is an expensive fruit. A small good quality one would be more than USD50 a piece. 🙂

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