I lost 75K views from Pinterest

My Rant:

A few days ago, as I was looking forward to reaching 80K of monthly views on my Pinterest account, they suspended my account.

The Reason:

They suspected my account of spamming.

No warning, no disputing. Suspended!

I wrote back that I was just playing around with Tailwind. It was an app that I saw a lot of other bloggers using. So I gave it a try! I wasn’t even using it very much either. Majority of my pins were organic and done manually.

The instant I posted my situation, I received an overwhelming amount of support from all my platforms.

So I decided to start from scratch….I began to build my boards again.

I have no grudge against Pinterest as I appreciate their efforts to prevent spamming from real spammers. But, in a blogger’s perspective, all our hard work has disappeared for the time being.

Thank you for listening to my little rant! If you are on Pinterest also, let’s connect and support each other! Click here!

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39 thoughts on “I lost 75K views from Pinterest

  1. Hey girl, I’ve heard from another blogger to just keep emailing Pinterest! Keep at it and they’ll usually reinstate the account after they see a mistake was made! I’ve seen it happen multiple times. And after a few emails they apologize and reinstate the account! So sorry that happened to you

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  2. I just started following you again! This is courageous from you to start again from scratch after that.
    I hope Pinterest will soon correct their mistake. I guess they have some algorithm to detect spammers but that it does not work very well yet. It seems to block accounts randomly.

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  3. I hate that that happened to you! Maybe they’ll lift the suspension and you’ll have access to it? Anyways, I’m sorry for the circumstance, but I admire your determination and spirit! I’m still getting the hang of Pinterest at the moment.

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  4. Wow! That’s a super frustrating experience to go through! I would have never guessed that Pinterest suspends accounts with warning. Pinterest seems so innocent. Hopefully you get your account back, and hopefully you don’t lose sleep over it. Stuff like this keeps me up at night…..

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