Photo of the Day: My Bearded Dragon

Welcome Maypo, our newest family member!

After an extensive few months of consideration, we finally visited a bearded dragon breeder and adopted this little guy.

He hatched on July 1, Canada Day so originally the name, Maple for Maple leaf, was brought up. My daughter decided to alter it to Maypo.

I have always been an amphibian and reptile lover, so this is very exciting for me. So far, I have given him a warm bath and hung out a lot.

So, be ready for more updates, on my adventure as a new bearded dragon mommy!!

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46 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: My Bearded Dragon

      1. Iguanas are some of my favorite . I used to have two when I was a little girl . But when we moved we gave them to a pet store to be mascots . They were pretty cool and ate veggies and fruits.


  1. I love lizards. Growing up I had Madagascar day geckos but not bearded dragons. I wanted one but my dad thought that they would be too hard to take care of as a first-time reptile owner. Too bad you can’t cuddle day geckos (they are too fast to be picked up). From what I’ve heard, bearded dragons are a lot friendlier!

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