The Mommy Blogger Tag: Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the Coffee Mamma’s Mommy Blogger Tag!

31) Any funny ultrasound stories?

How about me really needing to go to the bathroom, but apparently a fuller bladder gives better results?

32) Did you get their ears pierced?

I waited till she was 5 years old when she really asked for them.

33) What did you dislike about being pregnant?

The weight gain and nausea….

34) How many people did you know that we’re pregnant at the same time as you?

My manager and one of my girlfriends.

35) Did you have a midwife or a doula?

Neither, but I have friends who did.

36) What is the cutest thing your child does?

When they were babies, my girl would rub my elbows and my son would rub my ears….

37) Breastfeed or Formula?

I breastfed both till 14 months and pumped enough milk to store in a separate deep freezer to last them till 2 years old.

38)What’s your favorite thing to do with a babe?

Sniff them…. wait I still do that with my tweens… they smell different now 😂

39) Was your labour easy?

First one, I had one week of Braxton-Hicks that were quite painful….dilated till 9.5 cm and I opted for c-section.

Second one, was planning to go away for a weekend but son came out 17 days early and we had to cancel on the exact day of our trip. Plus, I had just finished my Early Childhood Education training!

Natural birth was easier this time!

40) How long did it take after giving birth until it sank in that you’re actually a Mom now?

The instant I saw them….

41) How often do you have a Date night?

I prefer alone time….

42) How often do you see your Mommy friends?

Mostly chatting online or on the phone...

43) How old were you when you had your first child?

I was 27 when my daughter was born.

44) Do you vaccinate your kids?


45) Was baby a good feeder when they were first born?

Yes, she latched right away and the nurse commented how she could even hear my babies gulped down my colostrum…. it was a lot and loud!

46) If you breastfed how long did it take for your milk to come in? Did you use any tricks?

Instantly…. leakage became a constant issue. So, I just pumped whenever I was feeding as I was leaking while feeding lol!

47) How did your family react to you being pregnant?

Excited…. FINALLY!

48) Did you share the name before birth? Does their name have a story behind it?

Yes! Both names were found in the Bible. They also have Chinese names as their middle name.

49) Did your baby take to the crib? Do you co-sleep? Did you sleep train?

I was given cribs. But as part of my attachment parenting practice, I co-slept with both babies. I am a light sleeper to start with so I was able to tend to their needs throughout the night. I don’t regret it at all. They slept better and I got my sleep….

50) When do you do most of your blogging? Do you have a routine? Are you actually able to stick to it? If so how lol?

Anytime that I am inspired, sometimes during my bus rides to work!

51) Do you involve your children in your blogging world? How? Do you hide them from it as to protect them?

I mention what they do sometimes, but I keep their private information or faces out of my social media platforms…

51) What’s you’re a favourite way to spend time treating yourself or indulging in self-care?

Netflix with a cup of hot tea, lying on my neck massager ….

52) What was your most unusual craving during pregnancy?

Spicy beef pho

53) What’s was the hardest part about being pregnant for you?

Weight gain… I have been self conscious about my weight as a child…. even though I was healthy and fit, I was muscular so I looked larger than my peers…so being pregnant just emphasized how much weight I had gained… it was tough…

54) How do you make time for yourself?

Nowadays, I usually get to sleep in later:)

55) What’s the funniest thing your kid has done?

I love watching my older one carry her little brother on her back since she was 3…..

56) Did you run into any Postpartum Health concerns?

I have always been an emotional Empath with anxiety as a child. I have learned to hide it with my confidence and strong self-esteem. But, when I was overwhelmed with criticism and shaming by others surrounding me, I would lose my temper, and get quite depressed.

Worst part was having others tell me that I am crazy and should leave ……

Seeing counsellors and taking my supplements really helped me back then and still does…

57) Do you consider your niche strictly mommy & baby or do you branch out?

Tons of things I love to talk about!

58) Do you have a Bad Habit?

I am messy…very often I need to see things to remember where they are…. so I would lay out everything I need….

59) Did you nest?


60) Did you pack a labour bag? What was the most useful thing you packed?

Yes, I had my bag packed one week before my due date. My Croc slippers with non-slip bottoms. Also, my u-shaped pillow!

61) Are you done having kids?


62) Do you Meal Plan?


63) Did you Baby Proof?

Yes, but mostly the corners.

64) What are you and your children into right now?

Our new bearded dragon!

65) Does your family budget? What are the top 3 things you consider when budgeting?

Nope. I am constantly extreme couponing and looking for deals. Mortgage, travelling and basics needs, like food?

66) What’s one thing you would have done differently if you had the chance?

Stand up and say no to the bullies in my adult life!

67) What is the one thing you’d never change?

Insisting to keep one day dedicated to volunteering for the children’s school.

68) Someone you trust 100% offers to watch your kids for the night what are you doing?

Hot chocolate and watching movies!

69)What chore do you hate the most?

Let’s be honest, most of it…. dreaming of hiring a housekeeper… but recently, my older one has been doing a lot of tidying up and I feel sooooooooooo happy!!!

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