Coffee Mamma’s Mommy Blogger Tag Part 1

Thank you, Coffee Mamma, for inviting me to do this tag! It is wonderful to meet so many supportive and strong mommies in the Blogger world.

As there are quite a few questions to answer, I decided to split this tag into Part 1 and Part 2.

I welcome all mommy bloggers to join Coffee Mamma and I on this awesome tag!




• Thank whoever tagged you and link back to their website.

• Share the rules in your post.

• Tag Rachel, The Coffee Mamma.

• Answer the questions.

• Tag at least 3-5 Mom Bloggers at the end of your post.

The Questions

1) So, obviously you’re a mom, how many kids do you have? Genders? Ages?

I have a 11 year old girl and 9 year old boy.

2) Are your children close in age or further apart in age?

I planned them close.

3) Did you have a Vaginal Birth or C Section?

I had C-Section and then Vaginal afterwards.

4) Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?

I respect that a woman makes her own choice.

5) Have you shared your labor story on your blog yet?


6) What is the thing you find most challenging about being a mommy blogger?

Being pulled from all directions. Everyone seems to keep asking me to do something for them. So I get distracted…

7) What’s the most challenging thing about being a Mom for you?

Dealing with all the mom-shaming.

8) What were you doing when you went into labour?


9) Baby Stats?

Older one was 7.2 pounds and younger was 6.5 pounds

10) Thoughts on circumcision?

Done like dad.

11) What were your first thoughts when you found out you were pregnant?


12) What’s your child’s favorite toy?

Slime (she is a tween now)

13) What is one thing you miss about before you became a Mom?

Whenever I made time to go for a facial or even dentist appointment, my critics would say that I should be watching my child. Moms don’t get a break, they say! I refused to listen to them and fought hard to maintain ME-TIME!!

Now, my daughter asks why I get to sleep in and shop by myself for one whole day each week. Oh, yes, I work full time hours too….

14) What do you love most about being a Mom?

Hanging out with my tweens and their friends. Like trick or treating each year!

15) What do you dislike most about being a Mom? (really couldn’t bring myself to use the word hate)

Mom-shaming by others

16) What is the thing you love most about being a mommy blogger?

The blogger community is so supportive! I enjoy sharing what I love and get to know other bloggers too!

17) Whether blogging is your full-time job or not would you change your full-time job? What would you do, what’s your dream job?

Blogging is my part-time creative outlet. It is a perfect companion for my other jobs.

18) What are your fave diapers to use?

I used cloth diapers with Kushie brands diaper covers at home… the following were pretty much exactly what I used….

Diaper Cover courtesy of Kushies
Diaper Liners Photo of Kushies
Flat Diapers by Kushie
PreFolded Diapers Photo of Kushies

and Seventh Generation ones when outside….

Photo Courtesy of Seventh Generation

19) Was your partner a big help or were they just in the way the first few weeks after giving birth?

I did most of the work. I was helping my mom when she had my sister so I already knew what to do….

20) What is the last thing your child cried about?

My older one jokingly knocked her brother on the head with her lunchbox, not knowing her thermos was inside… ouch!

21) What’s the one thing that puts a smile on your child’s face?

Seeing me show up at school to volunteer.

22) What surprised you most about being pregnant?

Nothing much actually as I was 11 when my younger sister was born. So, I watched my mom go through it….

23) How did your partner hold up during labor?

C-section, he was fine…, Vaginal birth, he was horrified, therefore, now I talk about it to my son to prep him for the future.

24) What was the first symptom that made you think you’re pregnant?

I missed my period by one day….

25) How did you tell your partner? How did they react?


26) What old wives tales were you told during your pregnancy?

I was blamed for my older one’s eczema for sucking on lobster shells???

27) Who do your kids look like?

Daughter like dad and son like me…. but as she got older, more like me….

28) What unusual dreams did you have while pregnant? Did you have any after giving birth?


29) When did you first feel your baby kicking?

4 months…

30) Do you use medication?

Chinese herbs and supplements. I am a Certified Sports Nutrition Consultant, so I was prepared.

To be continued……..


Okay! Phew… that’s Part 1!

Hope to see some more mommy bloggers join the fun and get to know each other more!!


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25 thoughts on “Coffee Mamma’s Mommy Blogger Tag Part 1

    1. I was one of the earliest to have children among my family and friends…so many people ask for my advice, especially after seeing how my children are like my closest friends…I keep telling the same things over and over for over a decade… lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are really lucky to have kids early. People tell me I was young but I think my age was average. I’m really fortunate to get married when I did. Never did I think I would get married before my cousins who are all older than me. Sadly my kids won’t be close in age because of circumstances. If I could change that, I would….

        Sometimes advice doesn’t always sink it, so repeat repeat repeat until they listen lol As the saying goes, “In one ear and out the other.” So much truth to that.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. I was the oldest in my family clan to get married… and have kids… I still had the energy and stamina before I turned 30… but I actually have more confidence and patience right now so I am ready for future grandchildren:)…. yes, we talk about it a lot … daughter says she wants two but son wants 100???? He loves babies and children…

        Liked by 1 person

  1. What an interesting tag! I’m glad mommy bloggers are encouraging each other to share their stories. As for mom-shaming…Moms are amazing! They should not be shamed when they are tackling to complicated and wonderful process of helping a new human being find a place in this world!

    Liked by 2 people

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