Lessons Through Carving Jack O’ Lanterns

Never in a million years could I imagine my own baby carving her own jack o’lantern. Well, for the past couple of years, she did most of the work by herself. Only this year, she did it all on her own…

Scrolling online for inspiration, I did not think that she would choose Harry Potter as her theme. I, myself, a Harry Potter fan, was delighted when she showed me what she had chosen for her target design….

Delighted, but a bit worried, I smiled… My daughter liked challenges, but, I worried that she might find the design a bit too challenging and would get frustrated. However, she was getting older and it’s a good opportunity for her to explore.

I bit my tongue and said nothing….

On the contrary, my younger one only enjoyed watching and admiring the final works each year. Due to the influence of his sister, he would only help scoop out the pumpkins. To be honest, he really disliked the slimy texture of its insides. Despite that, he would put on a smiley face and participated in the emptying of his pumpkin.

The design he wanted was Bakugan… What?! I had limited time and tools… I had absolutely no idea how I was going to pull this one off… Sadly, I told him that I could only carve out his favourite Bakugan’s name, DRAGO. He agreed….

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Hooray! Mission accomplished for this year! Naturally, I also toasted my pumpkin seeds too!

Do you carve jack o’ lanterns?

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19 thoughts on “Lessons Through Carving Jack O’ Lanterns

  1. Aww love the Harry Potter jack o lantern! Love carving pumpkins although this is the first year in so many I haven’t done it as I’m off travelling tomorrow! I’ve been enjoying looking at everyone else’s designs instead this year!

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