Netflix Series Review: Daybreak

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A giant nuclear exploded…….

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In this post-apocalyptic series that was derived from a comic book, adults either melted or became a “ghoulie”. Some of the young people also melted, but the rest survived and formed “tribes”. These “tribes” were more like gangs, who used violent means to keep their power.

Then, there was Josh Wheeler, a new student, who just recently moved from Toronto, Canada. He didn’t belong to any group before the bomb, so after the bomb, he survived alone. Well, he had a girlfriend, Sam Dean, who he met before the bomb. The bomb exploded during the most important football game of the season, so they lost each other in the stadium. He had to find and save her!!!


  1. People can change: Do you really know the people around? You may think you do, but do you? Everyone in the show became a very different character after the bomb went off. The personalities stayed though…which made it very interesting and entertaining to watch.
  1. Love: It started with Josh’s love for Sam Dean. He was planning to build a big Craftsman house and live with her in the future. Then, there was a lack of motherly love of Angelica, the brilliant and extremely dangerous 10 year old. Next, was the love of football (or was it) of Wesley. Finally, there was the love of his students, from Principal Burr! Mathew Broderick as Principal Burr really made this character a kind and mild-mannered person.

Yay or Nay

The sarcastic dialogues and stereotypical high school characters were hilarious. I particularly enjoyed the times when the characters would actually speak to the audience. The flashbacks were done nicely to give us in-depth information about a particular scene.

So, yes, I say Yay!

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