Halloween Fun House for the Faint of Heart

I used to visit haunted houses.

Before being a mom, I would visit one or two scary “haunted houses” during the Halloween season. These houses were decorated by the home owner and some even had volunteers dress up as gruesome ghouls and zombies. Donations were usually accepted on behalf of different charities. Most of these “haunted houses” were not for the faint of heart.

With little ones in tow, these houses were not age-appropriate anymore. Hence, I focused on more children-friendly Halloween celebrations.

This year, Big Minion got invited by her friends to such a party at a local community centre. It was sponsored by a skating club, so free skating for the whole family! Many people dressed up for the event.

After the free skate, we were led to a secret corridor and lined up to enter the bathroom????

It turned out to be the secret “haunted bathroom”!

Here was what I saw:

The “Haunted” Fun House 👻

There was a “ghoul” hidden in one of the stalls, but she didn’t come out when there were small children….I saw her skates!!

The volunteers really put a lot of effort into decorating this large universal bathroom! They had the lights on to accommodate the younger babies and children. How considerate of them!

A couple of the tweens that went in me mentioned that it wasn’t scary enough. I explained to them that this was more of a fun house for all ages. Also, they should appreciate all the work the volunteers had done.

Halloween Baked Goods

After skating and the haunted bathroom, there were some Halloween crafts and a bake sale! We had to pick up some of those spooky cupcakes and monster cookies. I also ordered some chocolate. All the proceeds went to the skating club.

Would you be willing to venture into this “haunted fun house”?

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19 thoughts on “Halloween Fun House for the Faint of Heart

  1. What a gorgeous post! I feel the same about scary stuff. That particularly scary image from the surprise haunted bathroom… that’s what I don’t like about Halloween. Cupcakes though, yes please! :)) Thanks so much for the blog visit btw! 💕🙏😊

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  2. I don’t think anyone or anything could convince me of visiting a haunted home, especially in the dark! But I love Halloween, and we always choose to decorate our home using smiling pumpkins, adorable witches and neutral garlands in a process creating a warm and welcoming feel that doesn’t scare the kids.

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  3. I love Halloween and I’m always so grateful for all of the people that take the time to dress up, decorate their houses and really get involved with the spirit of Halloween. My children are 24, 21 and 12 so I’ve been tick or treating for many years and its such fun. As for haunted houses… definitely 💀

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