Movie Review: Nerve

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In a world that was completely immersed in social media, cellphones and computers were part of the growth of the online game app, Nerve. When people logged online, they could choose either to be a Player or Watcher.

Watchers got to choose which Player to watch and support. Players were given challenges or dares that were affected by Watchers. When the Player succeeded, money was awarded to them electronically.

Vee, was a quiet and shy high school girl, who felt that she was left behind by her super exciting frenemy, Sydney. Sydney was a Nerve superstar, who would do almost anything to be the top player. One day, Vee decided that she was ready to take the dive into the world of Nerve….. She had no idea that she would be playing to survive…..


1) cyber-bullying: Watchers hid behind a mask online and in real-life as they followed the players around. They coerced the players to take dangerous or criminal risks through promises of monetary rewards. Each risk was more difficult and dangerous than the last.

How many times have we seen people online acting cruel and mean just because they felt safe, hiding behind a screen name? They felt that they could gang up on others and send any message they want….? Even though sometimes these cyber-bullies were apprehended, this movie highlights how the herd mentality worked in a scary way…..

2) life is worth the risks: This message was displayed perfectly from the beginning of Vee signing on as Player to the interesting ending of the movie. Live and learn….

Yay or Nay

As this movie was inspired by a YA novel, (Nerve by Jeanne Ryan), there were many loopholes and uncertainties. For example, how come the legal system couldn’t stop this or where did the game get all that money???

Putting all that aside, I thoroughly enjoyed Emma Roberts and Dave Franco’s performances. I would recommend this to anyone who wanted to strike up a conversation with a young person about the dangers of social media.

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