The Fall Book Tag and Book Review: Pompeii by Robert Harris

Happy October!! I was recently tagged by Meghan of Whimsically Meghan for the Fall Book Tag. I had just finished reading a historical novel called Pompeii by Robert Harris.

The rules:

  • Please link back to Bionic Book Worm, as the creator of this tag!! She wants to see your answers!!
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The background of the novel begins months before Mount Vesuvius erupted. The protagonist, Marcus Attilius Primus, was sent by Rome to help with the care of the region’s large aqueduct, Aqua Augusta. This aqueduct supplied the water to the region and was starting to have some mysterious problems.

Mount Vesuvius, a stratovolcano in modern-day Italy, erupted in 79 AD in one of the deadliest volcanic eruptions in European history, which was witnessed and documented by Pliny the Younger, a Roman administrator and poet. Wikipedia

Date: October 24, 79 AD

Impact: Buried the Roman settlements of Pompeii, Herculaneum, Oplontis and Stabiae



  1. Inequality: Imagine throwing another living being into a pit of eels, just because you suspected that person of poisoning your prized fish. Without any investigation, and no hesitation, you are the judge, jury and verdict of your household. You owned that person so you can do as you pleased.
    Greed: When the region needed fresh water, selling cheap water and stealing the imperial treasury occurred.

Yay or Nay

If you enjoy reading about the historical facts of Pompeii, you should read it. I enjoyed most of it except the parts about how slaves were treated. It could be a bit emotional there and a trigger…. So a small Yay for me!

You are welcome to join this Book Tag to share what you have been or plan to read too!! Link back to me so I can be inspired too!

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27 thoughts on “The Fall Book Tag and Book Review: Pompeii by Robert Harris

  1. The ancient Pompeii event was always fascinating to me when I was very young, although horrific. Thanks for your mindful review. The treatment of the slaves bothered you some. I wouldn’t enjoy it if the descriptions were very graphic. Violence bothers me more these days than it did in the past.
    Hugs on the wing!

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  2. You know, I don’t think I’ve seen a full-length novel set in Pompeii before! I’m going to add this to my reading list. One of the best things about historical fiction is learning more about what daily life was like in different times and places, and I’ve always been curious about Pompeii. Thanks!

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  3. I’ve seen a few movie versions of Harris’s novels but have only read one. Pompeii is one of those historical topics I’ve always wanted to know more about, so thanks for the recommendation!

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