Travel Blog: Part One of Norwegian Bliss (Vancouver to Los Angeles)

The Norwegian Bliss is currently the largest cruise ship in the Norwegian Cruise Line fleet. With over 1700 crew and over 4000 passengers, this cruise ship is huge!

Things did not turn out as expected…. It was the first time that I was to be boarding at 7:30pm, in a long line up.

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All the passengers lined up for two hours until we actually boarded onto the cruise ship. We were not a happy bunch. With the elderly, the young, all hungry and tired, it was not a good start.

On a happier note, we were given $100 on-board credit as compensation for this inconvenience….


  • Aqua Park: – The Drop on the left was exciting at first, but myself and along with many other guests did not successfully made it all the way through…. I preferred the Tube Racers on the right, which you could ride alone or with a friend. The minimum height requirement was 40 inches.
  • Laser Tag: – I liked that the younger children had a smaller Hero version to use instead of the larger and heavier laser gun. They tagged the most people! Loved it!
  • Race Track: – This was so much fun! 8 awesome laps! Our first booking was cancelled due to rain 🌧… but our second one was fabulous! Just remember that rain meant no racing.

  • Arcade: – The arcade had video games and games that gave out tickets. These tickets were exchanged for prizes. And yes, we were in there quite a bit!
  • The Liverpool Beatles: – This was a wonderful musical production, with lots of memorable songs.
  • Six: – This musical production was excellent! Even people who never heard about King Henry the Eighth and his six wives will enjoy the fun and cheeky songs.
  • Silent Disco: – One the last day, they opened up a silent disco. The music was in the headphones 🎧….

Few Last Words

This cruise trip wasn’t smooth sailing from the very beginning:

  1. Unfriendly Staff: The majority of them weren’t very smiley nor friendly. I was able to remember those who were especially joyful and wrote them a comment card.
  2. Where are my towel animals?: Normally, after my state room was made up, there should be a hanging towel monkey or swan! None at all this time…
  3. No kiddie pool: There was a water park, but no wading pool for toddlers. The swimming pool was too deep and there wasn’t enough life jackets.
  4. Safety Drill: We were not told where and how we were going to get our life jackets when in a state of emergency. We had our practice drill inside the dining room.
  5. Skipping Seattle: A change or skipping a port due to weather or safety issues was understandable. However, the fact that there was lack of efficient officers to clear customs, was not! Guests had to cancel their bookings for Seattle as we stayed an extra night in Victoria.

This was not my first cruise trip with Norwegian, so I was very disappointed at the unpleasant experience. All the guests tried to maintain a smile and helped each other to have a good time.

I truly hope that Norwegian Cruise Line will do a better job next time for the Norwegian Bliss.

(Part Two will be about the food!)

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52 thoughts on “Travel Blog: Part One of Norwegian Bliss (Vancouver to Los Angeles)

  1. That doesn’t sound right. Not having the proper safety majors and no pool for kids. What’s the point of wasting money on their cruise line if they don’t offer services?
    I am sorry, you didn’t get enough relaxation and enjoyment. I am waiting for the second part. If the food wasn’t tasty you should have thrown the captain overboard because food is everything. Great photos, enjoyed your blog. 🙂✌

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Wow – So sorry to read this! That really stinks and hope the food was at least good! Hard for me to imagine there wasn’t a kiddie pool.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. All my other cruises have been fine… just this time was unfortunate…. I enjoy cruises as I can visit places without packing and unpacking especially with children … and food is no worry too…

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I understand that. My kids are all grown so I only have to make sure my dog is taken care when we travel. This is what is great about diversity. Great post filled with an honest appraisal.

        Liked by 2 people

  3. Oh man! I’ve been considering a cruise for next year (my first in almost a decade 😳) I hate that yours wasn’t a wonderful experience and hope they learn from that moving forward!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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